Oct. 27, 2011


Hi everyone, hope you are having a great week. I wanted to photograph this necklace because it is one of my currents favs. What I love about this piece is it's very pretty without being 'over-the-top'. 

I find a lot of jewellery can sometimes overpower the person (especially if you are petite like me) but this is a great size and style. The chain is fairly short and from first glance appears choker-ish. However it actually rests an inch or so below the collarbone so it feels comfortable and looks great. 

This piece is by Janis Dean Johnson from Vancouver. Let me know of other jewellery designers you adore!

 xx Veronica


  1. it's totally cool, I like it!
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    Cosa mi metto???

  2. Great necklace, very simple and chic...