Oct. 22, 2011

Review: Origins Brighter By Nature

Although I hadn't heard much about this brand, I was instantly intrigued by this product. Which claims to "restore clarity and evenness of skin tone". Other youtube beauty gurus has raved about Origins skincare. Two lovely examples include Origins Vitazing reviews...

 Fleur: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Udpc2Ce8FZE  

and Tiffany: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZE4Xpd3hO0

Feel free to check out those links but for now onto my review!
First off I need to address the packaging. It is simple, sleek and clean. In my opinion, the perfect branding for a skin care line.

The just of the product is that you use the pads (there is 20 in the jar) twice a week for 10 weeks. And it will be the equivalent of a 30% glycolic peel except without the redness. hmmm. I am skeptical but hopeful at this point :P So the pads are quite impressive. They are very thick and have a waffle cone texture with many ridges and indents. Each pad is individually infused with the product and one pad is more than sufficient for applying the product to your face. My initial reaction was that one pad wouldn't contain enough but that was never a problem.

Now, my skins reaction(s). This product packs quite a punch when first applied. There is certainly a strong smell to the pads (not stinky or off-putting just strong). My face did initially turn slightly pink after use, and my skin isn't sensitive at all, so a word of caution to those with sensitive skin. However, I didn't experience any bad reaction to the product (breakout, extreme redness, sensitivity to makeup and other products). The instructions also recommend minimum exposure to sunlight after using the product and use of broad spectrum high protection sunscreen (they're not playin') luckily during the time of year I used this product it wasn't an issue.

Finally, the results! After using this product for 2 months I wasn't "blown away" by my skin. Yes, my skin tone did improve but it wasn't very dramatic. Nor was my skin tone too poor to begin with though. I will say that if you have the money and are serious about evening skin tone and improving overall appearance of your skin go to a Dermatologist and invest in the peel. 

Hope you're all having a fun weekend! xx Veronica

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