Oct. 7, 2012

Sunday Things

I just got home from the Library and used this face mask. I've mentioned it a few times on the blog (potentially in a haul and later a favourites post) but never showed you what the product actually looks like. Pretty standard mud mask with a thick consistency and pale colour. Scroll down to see more photos :)

I've also had these three songs on repeat all day! Love 'em, if you have the time listen and please leave in a comment some more songs I should look up.
If you're in Canada hope you are having a great Thanksgiving weekend. It's kind of tough getting into the spirit of 'turkey day' when you are a vegetarian. Oh well, my Aunt brought macaroons this year!

Midnight City - M83

Skinny Love - Birdy

Blood - The Middle East


  1. The Mud Mask looks intriguing and the songs youve picked out are lovely :)

  2. With it being orange bergamot, does the scent pull through? xo

  3. I love this mask so much :) I also love the first song :)

  4. I love the song Blood! I just did exactly the same after coming home from the library, face mask time!x