Sep. 25, 2012

Intensify Your Lipstick!

Hi everyone! This past weekend I tried something new and loved the effects it had. I typically use a lip liner to draw a faint, thin line around my lips-but nothing else. Until I heard a youtuber (can't remember who it was!) talk about penciling in your entire pout and just leaving it that way.

Chanel's lip crayon in shade #38 looked pretty dull alone. So I smacked my lips together (see awkward mid-smack below) and then applied Chanel's Rouge Coco shine in #50 Rivage.

I love the effect this has. The lipstick alone usually looks sheer. When paired with the pencil the colour looks opaque, intense and is still wearable. If you are interested in the rouge coco shines you should know they feel moisturizing, smooth and LAST! Sometimes lipstick can settles into little crooks and grooves and highlight any dryness that you never knew existed. Fortunately, this does not :)

What lip products are you using?


  1. Love this combo! I really need some Chanel lip products! haha :)

    1. This is everything I own from Chanel :P But I love both products!

  2. i love this shade! great combination :)

  3. That's such a pretty combo, I really want to splash out on some Chanel make-up :) x

  4. totally see how it worked out for you!! i do it too :)
    Mo - curvy geek

  5. The two products have just been added to my list because that combination looks great! :D wow

  6. This looks gorgeous, I love peach lips :) I never use lipliner haha! Maybe I should start!

  7. Oh this looks gorgeous! I'm going to have to give this a try and see whether my lipsticks *pop* more!