Sep. 20, 2012

CARGO Cosmetics Overview

If you follow me on twitter you've most likely read some ecstatic tweets regarding recent items sent to me from CARGO Cosmetics. A brand that doesn't seem to get a lot of attention in the beauty blogging community despite the fantastic quality of their products.

The lovely Jessica (virtual hug if you are reading this) sent me four products...
  1. blu-ray high definition pressed powder in shade 10
  2. Tinted Moisturizer spf 20 in shade 02 Nude
  3. One Base Concealer + Foundation In One in shade 01
  4. Beach Blush in the shade Sunset Beach

This powder is heavenly! It immediately caught my eye on the website and lived up to expectations. I wore it with my MUF Foundation and it definitely made it last longer. After 8 hours it stayed put and still managed to look fresh!
The colour suits my skin perfectly (fairest shade you can get) and doesn't leave the classic 'cakey powder' look on my face-score!
In general I love the idea of a tinted moisturizer. CARGO's version has all the perks one can imagine... paraben free, spf 20, formulated without chemicals. Unfortunately 02 is too dark for me. When I tried it on it applied well, looked very natural and gave a nice light coverage. I could still see some of my acne scarring, but hey, that's tinted moisturizer.
 So I gave it to my Mom to try and she really likes it! She isn't much of a makeup girl but found this to be really hydrating for her dry skin. 
Out of the four products they sent, this was the dark horse for me. A dofut applicator for concealer? Say it ain't so.
The past week I've had a general lack of sleep and this concealer (in conjunction with a nearby coffee place) has been my saviour! It covers dark circles, blends well and is build-able. After all, I don't look like a zombie every morning. I also used this to cover some redness/discolouration around my nose and liked the effect.
The brown and deep pink tones warm up my face while the shimmer gives my cheekbones a bit of definition. I'm not one to stray from Nars blushes but the past few days I've been using this nonstop. I think this colour would look good on people with olive or darker skin tones as well. It is pretty in the package and on my cheeks!
^ mediocre swatch alert. I will make an effort to improve my camera skillz.

Expect products from this post to pop up in my September Favourites! If you're interested in their products take a gander at their website.

In other news I finished a Lush Fresh face mask (Cosmetic Warrior). Let me know if you're interested in a review/ramble! 


  1. I don't think I have ever tried a tinted moisturizer but this one seems interesting altough I don't really care about parabens - I know I should! - but it really looks dark!

    1. It was too dark for me, but it blended into my Mom's skin beautifully-we were quite impressed! :)

  2. Ahh the blush looks gorgeous! You're very lucky to have these sent to you!!!

    Amy xo

  3. The powder sounds amazing! I've only tried a lipgloss from Cargo which was pretty nice, so it's good to see what else they have to offer :)

    1. They have a fantastic website, worth checking out :)

  4. All the products look amazing :)
    You've got yourself a new follower!

    I would love to get a followback if you are interested in my blog!

  5. That blush is gorgeous!! Love your blog~!

    Ashlee/ @DulcetSparkle

  6. This was all 75% off at Boots the other day, went a bit crazy :)

    I’m also running a giveaway so would love if you could enter!