May 16, 2012


Hey everyone, hope you're having a good week! This is the first Olay product I've ever tried-after reading this post please let me know about your experience(s) with Olay and if there is anything I need to try out!

My skin has been dry lately and while the weathers been getting warmer I need a product to combat both 'problems'. This moisturizer by Olay is easily mixed with foundation to make a tinted moisturizer. However, I prefer using it before applying foundation. It quickly absorbs into the skin, provides sun protection and moisturizes. This product is also easily accessible and affordable!

The downside is the greasy texture :( It looks quite shiny and doesn't quite have perfectly formulated, lush quality of say, Chanel, Dior, By Terry and other high-end brands.

Overall, I would still recommend this to anyone in the same boat as me. It seems like a product that would work for many ages because it doesn't specifically target aging or acne. 

By the way...I did not mean to make the photos have such a dreary quality (i.e. the rain on the windows and dark lighting)! I just tried to photograph while I could :I


  1. I have never tried Olay but I have to say that I heard really good stuff about their products usually.

    you have a new follower!


    1. Wow-thanks so much, happy you are my newest follower :)

  2. cute!!!

  3. Wonderful review!
    I love this product!

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