Apr. 12, 2012

Nothing Special, Just an Essential

I think we all have fallbacks in our life, and it's no different when it comes to beauty products.
Personally, MAC's Hue lipstick is one of my fallbacks.
It has a glaze finish (nice and subtle) and a universally flattering nude-pink colour.

I'm sure that description didn't get anyone excited. This shade has been around forever. New, trendy collections come around every season. Bright fuschias, matte reds they all get swatched and hyped up by various beauty gurus. The internet 'oohs' and 'aahs' over the latest fad (myself included).

After experimenting with beauty sins, sometimes it's nice to have that one wearable lipstick to swipe back on.

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Hope you're having a good week!! :)


  1. I like your post so much! This lipstick is really gorgeous!
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    1. thank you! let's follow each other :)

  2. Heeey. thanks for your message... let's follow each other?!!

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    1. Hi Vicky! :)
      I already follow you (I love your blog) hope you will follow me too!