Oct. 18, 2011

Review: St.Ives Green Tea Scrub

Hello all! I have been using this product since July and feel I can give a fair review on the pros and cons of this exfoliator.

First of all, the claims. On the packaging it says, "this scrub with soothing green tea gently fights blemishes and allows skin to heal" it also states "clears breakouts and soothes skin". Sounds good right? For the four months I've used this product I can say it is reliable. The texture is granular and it does a good job removing dead skin and possible left over makeup. In fact it is does a fantastic job! Your skin doesn't feel rough or irritated afterwards, which is always a plus!

For me exfoliating is a crucial part of the daily skin care routine and this product is gentle enough (for my skin) to use once a day, everyday.

I would definitely recommend picking this up at your local drugstore. I believe it is $6 :)
Also, a final word of caution. Many people believe one product can change your skin forever. I personally haven't discovered one life-changing, acne-clearing product. So if you are looking for that, the St. Ives Green Tea Scrub may not be for you. However, it could be part of a skin-care system that is good for you and your skin care needs. 

Hope you are having a lovely week! Feel free to send any questions about the product my way or if you've tried it, I'd love to hear other opinions :)

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